The Law Office of Morrie I. Levine, P.A. 

Experience and accountability are some of the key attributes that you look for in an Attorney.

The Law Office of Morrie I. Levine embodies those characteristics, along with many others. For over thirty years, we've worked with private individuals, corporate clients, and legal agencies on a range of business and civil matters. We have provided legal assistance in areas such as purchasing, selling, or starting up a business, business law (transactional and litigation), real estate law (transactional and litigational), contract law, pension litigation, entertainment law, estate and/or trust administration, probate law, and serving as an expert witness for attorney fees hearings.

Governed by the highest ethical standards, our firm strictly maintains a policy of integrity, honesty,
and professionalism with our work for all our clients.

Admitted to Practice in New York and Florida

Certified in Circuit and County Court in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward Counties

as an Expert Witness for Attorney's Fees

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